The ARIADNEmed programme provides individual mentoring for junior female scientists. During the mentoring relationship an experienced (male or female) professor (mentor) regularly provides advice for a junior female scientist (mentee) concerning their professional development and their immediate career steps.  

In addition to that ARIADNEmed provides interesting workshops on career-relevant topics: e.g. "Research Funding", "Leadership Skills and Conflict Management", or "Publishing Strategies".

Regular network meetings of the mentees facilitate their networking development and sharing of experience.

Who can apply:

  • Medical female doctors, striving for an academic career.
  • postdoctoral research fellows (Human Medicine, Dentistry, Sciences, Psychology and the like), striving for an academic career in Medical Science.


Participation and Application

ARIADNEmed will restart at the beginning of 2020. Applications are possible from now on.

The application procedure includes a written application (application form) and a personal interview. You can download the application form here. Please complete the form on your PC and send it to us in paper form by post:


Dr. Micaela Zirngibl

Koordination ARIADNEmed

Am Weichselgarten 9

91058 Erlangen